king-ofthetardis asked : okay, so i had never understood why people thought benedict was so good looking. i am now 20 minutes into watching the first episode of sherlock and i can see why. this man is gorgeous


Yes yes yes. He’s gorgeous. But as you said, The Ultimate Charm of Benedict Cumberbatch is not seen in his pics. He shines brightest when he acts. Really, people should see him moving on the screen. Acting Benedict is the most beautiful Benedict. ;_; *deeply touched by her own words*

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  1. denverchick said: You should make this reblogable.
  2. wertherealones said: His presence is imposing…
  3. singspiels said: very well said! :)
  4. sugar-loathe said: You are so right! ;u; He’s so beautiful when he acts ♥

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