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Though I went to the tag but didn’t find anything;_; I think the questions are fun.

1. Dream job?

- Actually, I’ve been told(from my colleagues) that it would have been great for me to write scenarios for comedy shows.

2. If you could meet one (and only one) of your favourite celebrities and hang out with him/her for a day, who would you choose

- Just one? Are you kidding? But. Jesus. Uh. Right now, I would like to meet John Cho. Because he’s cool and fun and gorgeous… And married. Damn. And see? I’m not that obsessed with Martin or Benedict. I chose John Cho.

3. If you could travel back in time to any place and time you’d like, where would you go

- England. Around 1980 or 1990. To meet young Martin. You saw his pic, right? I fell in love with that young Martin. I want to take pictures more of him. No, I’m not a pedophile.


4. The best book you have ever read

- The Lord of the Rings. It changed my life.

5. Your favourite band/artist?

- Muse. And Eminem. But I can hear my heart whisper ‘Backstreet Boys…’ hahahahaha.

6. If you were able to speak any new language without having to learn it, what language would you choose

- English. It’s always new to me.

7. Your favourite colour?

- Yellow.

8. Your inspiration/idol?

- ….Benedict’s expressive(and sometimes funny) face. It’s so fun to make silly things with him. Not to mock him, you know, because he’s gorgeous. It’s just one of many ways that I express my love for him.

9. Worst tv show you ever watched

- I don’t remember anything that bad.

10. What fictional character would you date if you had the chance?

- Definitely John Watson. I’ve been in love with him for all my life. Since I was..maybe ten?

11. With what person would you swap lives with for a day if you had the opportunity?

- Benedict Cumberbatch. I want to know what it feels like to be him. And then I will meet Martin and spend a day with him as Benedict. …Did I say that I’m not that obsessed with them? Scratch that.



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